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Lyceum Student Testimonials

We were delighted by all the testimonials that we got from our students. We have put up a selection below and will be changing them regularly so that you get to see all of them. 

Tammy LaRocca, Mandarin Student

Your campus is lovely, the staff are friendly and helpful and my teacher Tai is fantastic. I haven't stopped telling people about you guys. My sister is going to sign up for next term :-)

Jeremy Champion, Spanish Student

In the last few months I have learned more Spanish than I thought possible! Our teacher is as much a friend as a teacher and I look forward to my class each week! 

Ada Kapetanovic, German Student

Lyceum Language Centre provides an extremely friendly environment for students wanting to learn a second language. Over the past year my previously non-existent German skills have developed far beyond my expectations with the help of experienced and native-speaking teachers. 

Jenn Turnell, French Student

I've really enjoyed my last two years at Lyceum. Our inspiring teacher encourages us to practise our oral skills as much as possible during class and we've found our skills improving constantly as our comfort zone is stretched. 

John Holland, Spanish Student

A language is the one thing I wish I had been able to study at school. Now, 40 years later, Lyceum gives me that opportunity in a fun and interesting way. The classes have already been very useful for when I have travelled through Spain and South America. Gracias. 

Caroline Jones, Italian Student

I’ve been learning Italian at Lyceum for two terms and I would definitely recommend Lyceum if you are interested in learning a language. Classes are small and run at a good pace with plenty of time for conversation to practice. I have also had the pleasure of Sunday lunch with students on exchange from the University of Roma. Ciao!

Hannah Barry, French Student

I love the native speaking teachers, interesting topics covering culture and current affairs as well as grammar and vocab. Friendly, relaxed atmosphere in which to learn in. 

David Rawcliffe, Spanish Student

I have never studied at a foreign language school before, but can safely say this has to be one of the best. Right through from the staff on reception, who are all smiles and very helpful, to the teachers who are equally smiley and very helpful.

There is a really nice atmosphere about the place which makes the whole learning experience a more relaxed and fun affair - everyone knows you learn more when you're having fun - right kids?

I started in Spanish level 2 and am now in level 3 - most of the class have carried on right through so everyone is really familiar and comfortable with each other. Personally I think I have made more progress than I anticipated and put that down to the teaching.

Lyceum staff try their best to accommodate you in an alternative class if you can't attend yours. Also, if you're a bit of a geek like me, you can double up on your lessons and attend another lesson (at your level) so two for the price of one, and everyone loves a bargain.

I'm sure there are other Schools around town that may be cheaper, but if you want a professional school where you can learn and have fun then look no further - Lyceum is where it's at.

Marian Matic, German Student

Like many others, I first enrolled in a German class at Lyceum to prepare for a trip to Europe. Once I got started, I didn't want to stop. Now, 2.5 years and two trips later, I'm still at Lyceum, studying in an advanced level class. I've always had capable and friendly teachers, interesting fellow students, small classes (usually 4 or 5 students), comfortable classrooms and the ability to study at a time and location convenient for me. Learning a new language is a great adventure; it's like discovering a parallel universe. 

Annelise Tedesco, French Student

Lyceum is a great place to learn languages. I have studied here for 6 levels of French and I have enjoyed every lesson. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the teachers are very patient and explain the concepts well. It's a great learning atmosphere and I have made many friends along the way. 

Brook Hawkesford, Italian Student

I have only recently started at Lyceum with a Beginners Italian course. However, my experience at Lyceum has been an absolute pleasure! I was hesitant about starting to learn a language. I have wanted to learn Italian for many years now and I have looked up Lyceum's website a few times, but this time something made me email, enquire and enrol! It's the best decision I have made. The staff have been so encouraging, patient and extremely friendly. And my teacher Katia is amazing. 

I have been so excited about my course that I have even convinced a staff member from work, my boyfriend and a girlfriend to start classes.

The Lyceum Centre has been a breath of fresh air in my daily life, and I can't wait to master this language and hopefully move onto another one... 

All I can say is your Centre is THE BEST!!

Coralee Hall, German Student

I took up studying German with Lyceum around mid 2012 just for something to do after work. Through the classes I have made some really lovely friends, it has been incredible fun, and most importantly I can speak and understand a foreign language now. I still have a lot more to learn, but that's totally fine because I don't really want this experience to end! 

Anne Stasiak, French Student

Lyceum – an international experience

When I walk into the building, it feels like I'm walking into another country (or two!) I also love the old building and old world charm...very much part of the oldness of France.

Young at heart – studying at Lyceum makes me feel young (even though I’m middle aged!) and that’s because the staff accept you for what you are and just encourage you to love the learning experience and the Lyceum experience.

Customer focused – all staff are responsive, helpful and fun to chat to – great sense of humour and love of the work they do. The passion rubs off – well at least onto me...

Experiential – each class has given me the chance to experience French in different ways and coupled with the other complimentary activities through Lyceum, it’s a total experience that is available to all students. Great to have workbooks and CD plus all the handouts provided.

Unbelievably comfortable – learning something new is never easy but Lyceum staff help you through it and provide opportunities to improve and ‘stay’ in the Lyceum family.

Magical – My experience at Lyceum is magical as I begin to understand my teacher and other students when they speak French and more miraculously begin to speak French myself!!