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Spanish Course in Melbourne at Lyceum

Read below for our course overview and view our Spanish course details.

Learn Spanish in Melbourne

Spanish is one of the most sought after languages at Lyceum. As a result we have an extensive range of Spanish classes at each level for each centre.

Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn because it is phonetic – meaning that each letter of the alphabet is pronounced consistently in the same way. This makes pronouncing, spelling and reading Spanish very easy in comparison to English.

Some of our students learn Spanish for family reasons or purely for enjoyment, while many have a strong interest in travel. Whether you wish to travel to Latin America or to Spain, our teachers will cater to your needs.

Beginner and Elementary Spanish Courses

As with all of our languages at Lyceum, Spanish is taught using the highly successful communicative method. This means that your group will focus on the spoken language as it is used in practical everyday situations.

After 60 hours of small group tuition (levels 1-4, beginner and elementary) you will be able to handle the following:

  • Social interaction
  • Planning outings
  • Getting about town
  • Shopping and other transactions, such as the bank and post office
  • Booking accommodation and talking about the home

Completing the beginner and elementary levels is recommended if you are planning to travel to Spain or Latin America, or if you would like to use Spanish with family and friends here in Melbourne. 

Each 10-week term at Lyceum corresponds to 15 hours of adult tuition, or twelve to eighteen months at high school. If you are unsure which level you are because you have studied Spanish in the past, our Spanish course outline can give you a good indication of what is covered at each level, and you can always call us to discuss and confirm the right level for you.

Learn The Spanish Language Lyceum Spanish Lessons In Melbourne

Higher Level Courses 

From Pre-Intermediate onwards, your classes will be taught using a thematic approach, which means that the teacher centres the lessons around a wide variety of cultural subjects or current affairs related to Spanish-speaking countries. Grammar will be introduced in relation to the subjects discussed. This approach helps you to gain a rich vocabulary and become confident in talking about many different topics in Spanish. It will also give you an in-depth knowledge of Spanish grammar in context. From Pre-Intermediate onwards, students stay in each class for at least two terms or for as long as they need, before they go up to the next level.

Spanish and Latin American Culture in Melbourne

Melbourne has a great Spanish-speaking community so you should get many opportunities to enjoy using the language. Your teachers will give you information about the Spanish culture here in Melbourne during your course. They will tell you about Spanish radio and television programmes, and newspapers available and, of course, also about local Spanish and Latin American festivals & events in the city. This will give you great opportunities to practice the language and learn about the Spanish and Latin American cultures.

In class, you will also gather information about the best Melbourne Spanish restaurants, Spanish food stores, bookshops and Spanish clubs to help you further immerse yourself in the culture. 

We often help our Spanish groups plan outings together at the end of term to socialise and experience the Spanish culture together. In the past, students have been to tapas bars, went to the Spanish Film Festival together or went to the Hispanic Fiesta on Johnston Street.

Spanish Class 

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