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Social Events

Lyceum is proud to be very special in that we offer a LOTE programme (Languages Other than English) and an Engish programme (English as a Second Language). We have around 100 students who come from all over the world to study English. Of these, currently about 38% are Europeans (mainly Italian, French and Spanish), 30% students are from Asia (mainly Korea, Japan and Indonesia), and around 32% are from South America which creates a great mix of nationalities.

Our English students attend our Queen St centre in the CBD 8.30am to 12.45pm, Monday to Friday. Please visit our English website for more details:

We usually have up to 500 Australians enrolled at Lyceum to study LOTE including Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Mandarin Chinese. Students attend the Queen St centre in the evenings.

Our English and LOTE students benefit in many ways from meeting each other. They enjoy extra language practice through conversation activities that we offer, and have fun with social outings. We hope that they will form friendships, continue to see each other and practise their language skills. Many benefits flow on such as house sharing, job opportunities and of course, we hope, precious life-long friendships.

Free Program of Integration of English and LOTE students

  • Find a buddy through our Intercultural Partner Program: As we have both international students and Australian students studying at Lyceum, the intercultural partner program is a great way to promote language exchange and meet new people from around the world. Please complete this form and send back to us by email to We will swap your details with one of our International students and you can contact each other to organise a time to meet.
  • Extra language practice through regular conversation activity events, e.g. Trivia Night
  • Fun social outings including dinners and school barbeques on our rooftop garden
  • A Facebook site shared by Australian and International students, plus staff
  • Visits by International students to Lyceum classes where Australians are learning one of our other languages

Intercultural partners doing homework International Christmas Party