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Language for Travellers

10 weeks, 1.5 hours per week. $350 (check timetable for discounts)

This 15 hours course is designed to teach you the essential vocabulary and sentence structures to get around and build up your confidence to engage with the locals during your next holidays. We will teach you simple conversational language that you will be able to use in everyday situations.

Each class has a clearly defined topic. You will learn the relevant set of sentences, expressions, vocabulary and then practice your new language skills with some fun, hands-on activities. Our teachers are native speakers and will be able to correct your pronunciation, provide you with personalised guidance, as well as give you some useful cultural tips.

The topics covered will be:

1. Introductions, greetings and meeting new people. Formal, informal. Talking about the weather.
2. Numbers. Speaking and understanding, giving/asking for a phone number and asking how much something costs.
3. Booking accommodation, expressing dates and times.
4. Asking for/giving directions, describing location and transport.
5. Food and drinks.
6. Shopping and money. Buying, ordering in shops, restaurants, museum etc.
7. Expressing likes and dislikes. Talking about your activities, leisure and hobbies.
8. Cultural awareness. Misunderstanding, stereotypes, gestures.
9. Talking about your health and your body.
10. What to do when you make mistakes or don't understand, apologising, repair strategies and solving problems.