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Italian Course in Melbourne at Lyceum

Read below for our course overview and view our Italian course details.

Learn Italian in Melbourne

Italian was the first language offered at Lyceum and has remained a popular choice. Our teachers provide a complete range of levels from Beginners through to Advanced.

Italian can be learnt very quickly because its vocabulary has a lot in common with English. It is actually one of the easiest foreign languages to learn, because it is phonetic – meaning that each letter of the alphabet is pronounced consistently in the same way. This makes pronouncing, spelling and reading Italian very easy in comparison to English.

Italian is one of the most widely spoken languages after English in Victoria so many people choose to learn it to communicate on a deeper level with family and neighbours. Others have plans to travel to Italy or wish to learn purely for enjoyment.

Beginner and Elementary Italian Courses

At Lyceum, we teach Italian using the communicative method, meaning that there is a very strong focus on the spoken language as it is used in practical everyday situations.

We suggest a minimum of 60 hours of tuition (levels1-4, beginner and elementary) in our small group environment in order to manage basic conversation in a range of everyday situations such as:

  • Social interaction
  • Planning outings
  • Getting about town
  • Shopping and other transactions, such as the bank and post office
  • Booking accommodation and talking about the home

If you are learning Italian to travel to Italy or plan to use Italian with their family and friends here in Melbourne, completing the Elementary levels will give you a good base and enough confidence in the language. 

Each term at Lyceum corresponds to 15 hours of adult tuition, or twelve to eighteen months at high school. Check our Italian course outline to see which level would suit you best. If you need advice or have any questions, just call us.

Classes To Learn The Language Of Italy Learn The Italian Language

Higher Level Italian Courses

If you follow through to the Pre-Intermediate level and higher, you can expect to understand naturally spoken Italian on a wide range of topics, including all grammar. Classes will be taught using a thematic approach, which will give you a broad range of vocabulary and you will be able to respond with a good level of fluency on many topics. At the higher levels, grammar will be introduced and revised in relation to the topics discussed giving you an in-depth knowledge of the Italian grammar in the context of the language as it is spoken. From pre-intermediate onwards, students stay in each class for at least two terms or for as long as they need, before they go up to the next level.

Italian Culture in Melbourne

Melbourne has a strong Italian influence and you will be able to immerse yourself in the Italian culture. There is a large population of Italian speakers in Melbourne, which gives you great opportunities to practise the language without even leaving the city.

As part of your course, our teachers will encourage you to seek out the Italian speaking community in Melbourne, in order to help you practice your speaking and listening skills. You will get information about the Italian radio and television programmes and newspapers and Italian web content available in Melbourne. SBS, for example, has a great website with news, podcasts and Italian radio. You will also learn about Italian festivals and events in Melbourne.

With your classmates you will find out about the best Melbourne Italian restaurants, Italian food stores, bookshops and Italian clubs to help you further immerse yourself in the culture. With Lyceum's help, groups often plan outings together. The most popular choice usually is dinner on Lygon Street but events such as the Melbourne Pizza Festival or the Italian Film Festival are also a great way to socialise with your classmates and learn more about the Italian culture. 

Lyceum Italian Lessons In Melbourne Students In Italian Class

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