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German Course in Melbourne at Lyceum

Read below for our course overview and view our German course details.

Learn German in Melbourne

German is spoken by over 100 million people in the world and the most widely spoken language in Europe. It is the official language in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein and also is one of the official languages in Switzerland and Belgium. Germany is also the biggest Australian trading partner in Europe after the UK. So whether you are interested in learning German for work purposes or whether you want to travel around Europe, there are many reasons to learn German. 

Beginner and Elementary German Courses

All our languages including German are taught using the communicative method, which means that the majority of class time is spent on improving students’ oral skills. Given that the average class size at Lyceum is about six, each student can spend a large share of the overall class time on speaking. Our teachers all have a native-speaking level of German and make it possible to rapidly achieve a good accent. They can also give you a good insight into the German culture. 

By the end of 60 hours of tuition (levels 1-4, Beginner and Elementary), students are able to cope with the following everyday situations:

  • Social interaction
  • Planning outings
  • Getting about town
  • Shopping and other transactions, such as the bank and post office
  • Booking accommodation and talking about the home

The completed Elementary level is recommended to people who wish to learn German for travel purposes. It also provides a good basis if you plan to speak German with family and friends in Melbourne.

Each term at Lyceum corresponds to 15 hours of adult tuition, or twelve to eighteen months at high school. Our German course outline will help you to determine the best suitable level for you. Please call us if you would like to discuss the levels in more detail.

Learn The Language Of Germany Learn The German Language

Higher Level German Courses

Lyceum has a very good retention rate for German students. Beyond the recommended sixty hours of tuition, most students continue on to Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels. These levels are taught using the thematic approach, which means that the teacher will centre the classes around interesting topics about German culture, history or current affairs and introduce grammar in relation to the topic discussed. At the thematic levels, naturally spoken German is used in a wide range of topics, and includes all grammatical structures. By the advanced stage students can converse with an excellent level of fluency. From pre-intermediate onwards, students stay in each class for at least two terms or for as long as they need, before they go up to the next level.

German Culture in Melbourne

Our German teachers will help you to learn more about the German culture and the German speaking community in Melbourne. There are a number of good German radio and TV programmes available in Melbourne and you can also buy many of the German newspapers or magazines such as the Spiegel or the Stern

In addition, your teacher will also give you information about German festivals and events in Melbourne and recommend German restaurants, German food stores, bookshops and German clubs to help you further immerse yourself in the culture. At the end of each term, our groups often plan outings together that range from going out for German food to watching a film at the German Film Festival. 

Lyceum German Lessons In Melbourne Students In German Class

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