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Lyceum Course Fees and Textbooks

Course Fees
10 week term (10 x 1.5 hour classes)   $350  Special Offer: $294 until 28 March 2018
10 week term (10 x 2.75 hour classes) $650 Special Offer: $546 until 28 March 2018
Beginners enrolling at Lyceum buy one set of books which is used for the first four levels, Beginners to Elementary. From Pre-Intermediate, students are normally required to buy another text.

Depending on the language, the text and workbook cost from around $50 to about $120. To see the price of your texts, go to the timetable and click to select your course. 

At Upper-Intermediate and Advanced there is normally no requirement to buy another text; a thematic approach is taken with various materials provided in class.