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Chinese for business.

12 weeks 2 hours per week + 1h online one-on-one with your teacher. $495

Communicate better with your Chinese clients, business partners, colleagues or suppliers without spending years learning Mandarin.

Avoid intercultural misunderstandings and miscommunication. We will not only teach you some practical Mandarin to communicate effectively in basic Chinese, but also give you a strong cultural understanding of Chinese business practices, and a useful insight into Chinese thinking and behaviour. 
You will learn some functional Mandarin and become more culturally aware with our experienced Chinese teacher. Sound more natural in conversation: our native speakers will be able to fine-tune your pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence structure.

The topics covered in this course are:

1. Basic Speaking and pronunciation skills, introductions and greetings.
2. Learning, manipulating and understanding numbers. Asking or giving your phone number.
3. Chinese Culture. Cultural differences and sensitivities, common practices, appropriate behaviour, maintaining business and social relationships (guanxi).
4. Making appointments, scheduling a meeting, days of the week, time.
5. Expressing likes and dislikes. Nuances in appreciation.
6. Expressions for daily communication, talking about the weather and making basic small talk.
7. Ordering food, drinks, and taxis.
8. Giving a price, asking for a discount, expectation expressions
9. Bargaining, promises, buying and selling vocabulary.
10. Basic business vocabulary. Title and position, departments, office equipment (computer, photocopy etc.) and email expressions.
11. Student’s own choice. Students pick a topic relevant to their business or specific situation.
12. Review and practice session.