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Learning German with Alexandra

By staffuser

Hallo, mein Name is Alexandra. I have been working for Lyceum for almost 9 months now and I love it.

In my classes, we always have fun learning German with like minded people and I love seeing more and more people speak my native language. There are so many great places in Europe where you can put even basic German to use. Imagine how amazing it would be to go to Berlin or Vienna and being able to order a Viennese Schnitzel and a Maß at one of the beer gardens or getting some yummy bread from one of the bakeries. Being able to communicate with the locals will enhance your travel and living experience abroad immensely. Come and join the fun today!


I'm from Ravensburg, a small city in the south of Germany about half an hour away from the Lake of Constance. The Lake of Constance is a beautiful big lake which connects Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Wherever you go the Alps are always in the background and the black forest is near too. Ravensburg is not only known as the city of towers and gates but also because of its' worlds famous fun games and toys produced by the company Ravensburger. Surely some of you have come across a puzzle or a memory game before which has the blue "Ravensburger" logo on the right corner of the package. Well, that's where I am from... :-)


If you go to Ravensburg you will be able to see parts of the medieval fortification e.g. three town gates and over 10 towers. There's one tower in the city centre (Blaserturm) that you should definitely climb as it gives you a great view over the city and you can even see the Alps and the Lake of Constance on a good day. Ravensburg is a fun city with many little cafés, restaurants and pubs, which are great if you want a break from all the sightseeing or shopping. Located just about 2,5 hours from Munich, 2 hours from Stuttgart& Zurich and 1 hour from Ulm (city where Albert Einstein was born) it is the perfect spot to explore southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland.